"It’s about adventures and quests and growth and gold medals and booby prizes and emotion and service and care and character. All of those are Technicolor words" - Tom Peters’ TIBs
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The financial performance of a company is directly dependent on human performance, which resides from motivation and values. We measure, & analyse 64 motivation & attitude and organizational value systems variables. Building models for the 21-st Century Leaders.

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The results of Co-Evolve R&D in the field of human performance are used in nine coaching programmes tailored according to contextual, cultural and operational personal profiling data during 1 on 1 and a.i. Coaching services.

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Academia NLP

How can we copy, replicate and reverse engineer exceptional people and teach other professionals to become like them. A high performance, education program to New Code NLP, Meta-Skills & Performance Modeling. Professionals certified Internationally (ITANLP) at Academia NLP Romania.



Organizational development that covers recruitment and assessment of executive level, and leadership training: development of cognitive (thinking, idea generation, and decision making), behavioral (+ attitudes and values) and environmental skills.


A Change Agents community with strong drive, capability, skills and knowledge to re-engineer the perceived reality at personal, family, group, community or organization level. Towards Excellence, more options, freedom of choice, access to resources and sustainable and ecological goals.
Building a systemic community of leaders

While upgrading himself or just guiding others to change, someone disregards the freedom of choice of every stakeholder, the personal responsibility to act and achieve, the free access to resources to succeed, and the others rights to be, that personal change is not self-sustaining and not a (co) evolution. The human / social / natural CHANGE ECOLOGY is broken, and outside the field of Modeling Human Excellence. Inside chaos or structured death. Sometimes models of excellence applied without social responsibility and change ecology produce unsustainable changes (not to say social / economic or human disasters ). The reality of applied science & technology offers enough examples around us. To CoEvolve or to Extinct are just consequences of our personal decision.

  • L&D program: the peak-performance experience is involving high stakes; excitement; a challenge; and something that the individual feels matters, will make a difference, and hasn’t been done before. When we ask executives during the FLOW, peak-performance exercise how much more productive they were at their peak than they were on average, for example, we get a range of answers, but the most common at senior levels is an increase of five times.

  • L&D Project: to replicate and develop the peak performers codes for young professionals: Liberal Professions, Health, Policy Makers, Entrepreneurs and Cultural Trendsetter’s. To interact with charisma. To communicate assertively and emotionally. To divergent innovate. To excel. To produce quick, meaningful and sustainable behavioral transformations, etc.

  • Applied Research Program: Profiling, analyzing, decoding and creating model of excellence for specific industry roles: Marketing, Communication, Sales, Leadership, Human capital Management, Financial management, Operations etc.

  • A.I. Application: how people connect, create, develop and expand groups and communities, deepening their human relationships, interpersonal involvement, gathering and acting together with a sense of "belonging”.

Skills for Leaders and Managers: Managing Motivation

Education Project: to train leaders beyond Lominger leadership skills, on how to manage team members’ motivation for high performance, using Motivation and Attitude Patterns (MAPs) based on HEEPP online and live assessments.

Functional relation between Financial Performance and Organisational Performance

Research Program: developing a functional algorithm that measures the relations between financial and personal/ team performance based on McKinsey 2006 study.

Beyond X-Team Skills

L&D Project: cognitive-behavioral and linguistic patterns research beyond Dr. Deborah Ancona PhD (MIT Leadership Center) research in core leadership capabilities and how teams manage both their internal and external dynamics to obtain high performance – The X Team. “The X in X-team stands for external. An X-team is an adaptive structure that gives individuals and organizations flexibility in dealing with changing circumstances and with different kinds of tasks that shift over time.”

Cyber- Security for People (CS4P)

Research program: ICAM (Inventory of Crime Attitude & Motivation) Predictive Profiling system and MAP (motivation & attitude pattern) of criminal activity based on Metaprogrames and Values Systems profiling tool, HEEPP and FBI’s organized/disorganized model .


Over 20 years of expertise in consulting services, training, coaching,, marketing, business analysis & management, human capital management. Hundreds of corporate and institutional projects in Communication, PR & Advertising. Innovation and Organizational Change & Management Consulting, IT, Public Communication, Economics, Human Resources, Education, Performing Arts, Gambling, Sports, Creativity, Security, Politics etc. Diverse R & D Projects and L & D in Applied Human Excellence and High Performance Behavior, Human Performance Modeling, etc.

Ovidiu PANEA

Senior Partner –
Vicepresident CoEvolve, NLP certified trainer & member ITANLP by dr. John Grinder, Certified Partner by jobEQ, Six Thinking Hats Trainer by deBono TS. HEEPP co-creator,

Monica PANEA

Senior Partner –
Prresident CoEvolve Certified NLP Master Practitioner (SNLP),by dr. Richard Bandler, Certified Partner by jobEQ, Life, Health & Wealth Coach,

Adrian S. Petrescu

Senior Partner –
Professional Vision in Policy Making, Former Program Director, MPA Program, and Associate Professor, College of Business at Bellevue University Former Professor of Graduate Studies at UMUC Europe Studied Law at Creighton University School of Law Studied Public and International Affairs at University of Pittsburgh


Because we help, educate and lead you to discover a measurable expansion of your personal and organizational excellence (comprising performance 😊 ). A complex hands-on, experience-driven, ROI-oriented upgrade. Made simple. Like finding the answer for: How can each of us act so differently? What is my internal process when sometime I interact limitless and sometime I have a stunning blockage? And how can I change that in a sustainable way? Why I communicate faultless with someone and useless with someone else? How did I take such a stupid/inspired decision and how to change that at my own will 😊 ? How did I come to love this job but hate the other job? How my idol, mentor or guru 😊 operates his successful path through life? And how can I accelerate my development? Where to? How do we think different? How do we believe or value the world differently? How can I grow and expand more effective, more ecological? And who am I … now?


To have access and benefit from these projects/programs you can: Become our Sponsor, Communication Vector or Evangelist at any level appropriate for you. Partner with us at the research level or just sharing information , expertise, personnel or knowledge. Test our expertise and become our Customer for corporate consulting services.